Guide to Lofoten Islands (Honeymoon: Day 11)

It was still snowing when we woke up the next day.  The husband planned our schedule based on the weather forecast. We wanted to minimise the chances of being caught in heavy snow and rain outdoors. After experiencing the drastic fluctuations in the weather conditions first-hand, we had newfound respect for Mother Nature. After breakfast, a brief … More Guide to Lofoten Islands (Honeymoon: Day 11)

Guide to Lofoten Islands (Honeymoon: Day 9)

While planning for the trip, the husband insisted that we should include Lofoten Islands in our itinerary after reading about its wonderful landscapes and natural beauty – mountains set against the sea, fishing villages and cabins, wild weathers and of course the northern lights (due to its location within the arctic circle). Many renowned photographers had … More Guide to Lofoten Islands (Honeymoon: Day 9)

Guide to Tromsø – Hurtigruten (Honeymoon: Day 7 & 8)

We woke up late on our last day in Tromso. The lethargy was real after two consecutive nights of Northern Lights chasing.  The snow hadn’t stopped since it started the night before. It was our last day in Tromso, having had spent 3 days there, and the grey skies seemed to match our mood. We initially … More Guide to Tromsø – Hurtigruten (Honeymoon: Day 7 & 8)

Guide to Tromsø (Honeymoon: Day 5, Part II)

We booked the Northern Lights Minibus chase by Chasing Lights for two nights. It costs NOK 1800/pax for the first night, NOK 1700/pax for the second night, and NOK 1500/pax for subsequent nights. We read that it’s better to book at least two nights of the chasing lights tour because if we aren’t lucky on the first … More Guide to Tromsø (Honeymoon: Day 5, Part II)

Guide to Tromsø (Honeymoon: Day 4)

It started snowing on the morning of our departure from Stockholm.  This was probably a sign of things to come for the next leg of our trip in Norway. It was already mid-afternoon by the time we landed in Tromsø, and the story gets progressively colder from here. Tromsø is the largest town in Northern Norway and has reputably more pubs … More Guide to Tromsø (Honeymoon: Day 4)