(Staycay at M Studio) My 28th Birthday

I’m interrupting the streak of blog posts on our honeymoon to announce that I’m one year older. Here’s to share with you our recent staycation experience at M Studio (Singapore) (as part of my birthday celebration). M studio is a 4 star loft hotel under the Millenium Hotels group. It is located at Robertson Quay, a place bustling with activities. There are plenty of good restaurants along Robertson Quay. Otherwise, a 15 minutes walk would lead you to Clarke Quay where there are even more options for dining.

The experience at the hotel was so-so. The reason why I’m blogging this is because I thought I should give credits when it’s due. The staycay was lovingly arranged by my husband. Although to be honest, I played a part in it by dropping a not-so-subtle hint for a birthday celebration. 😛

We had lunch at Toby’s Estate which was situated near the hotel. The cafe was crowded when we were there. We were given a bar counter seat which was perfect for people-watching. (i love to people-watch. creepy much!)

What I had – French Toast. Not a fan of bacon but the caramelised version was NOT BAD. Tasted like bak kwa.
What he had – Pulled pork burger with RAINBOW fries (potato and sweet potato)

There was a queue when we were there at the hotel for check in. We guessed that the shuttle bus had just dropped off the customers when we reached (there’s shuttle bus available ). We drove to M studio instead. M studio provides complimentary parking for guests but the parking lots are available on a first-come-first-serve basis. As it is a relatively small hotel, parking lots are limited.

We stayed at the Premier Loft.

This is the entrance to our room. There are two separate compartments for the toilet bowl (is there a more refined term for this? latrine?) and shower area. From the picture above, on my right is the toilet bowl and left is the shower area. There was only 1 bathrobe in our room but I think we should have 2. Anyway, the only time I wore was to play pretend (pictures above) and we didn’t request for another bathrobe.


The stairs leading up to the inviting bed


The TV in our room wasn’t working. Thankfully, the hotel was prompt to send a staff to rectify the problem by replacing the TV. Yes, he removed the TV from the mount and replaced it with a new one.

There was a safe in the room. It was indeed safe to use to safe as I couldn’t unlock after that. We had to call the front-desk (again) and this time the staff quite long to arrive and we had to call the front-desk to remind them. 34535839430_6fe9813d46_z

That nook where the light is emanating from, was quite dusty.

Other than the few mentioned minor issues/peeves, we were quite happy with our stay. Hotel’s breakfast was not bad largely because of the DIY Nasi Lemak station, hub’s favourite. He is a Nasi Lemak connoisseur and is verdict of the nasi lemak was not bad.

There’s a decent swimming pool and gym at the hotel. Great for people who are exercise/fitness junks.

Another takeaway is that the room was perfect for taking pictures. 🙂

For dinner, the husband brought me to Pecori Japanese Egg Restaurant at Liang Court, who are famous for their Omu Rice.  We spent quite a while looking for it as the place was hidden at a small corner at the basement, near the payment counters of Medi-Ya supermarket.  Pecori serves Omu Rice in four different sauces: demi glace, spicy tomato, cream and Japanese Ankake.  The husband ordered the cream omu rice with beef hamburg, while I had the spicy tomato with tonkatsu.


Overall, while the taste was good, it wasn’t really anything special (i.e. we won’t specially make our way to this place just to have the Omu Rice, and will only do so if we are in the area.)

And that’s all for now.

One year older, one year wiser. I hope. Ciao.




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