Guide to Lofoten Islands (Honeymoon: Day 9)

While planning for the trip, the husband insisted that we should include Lofoten Islands in our itinerary after reading about its wonderful landscapes and natural beauty – mountains set against the sea, fishing villages and cabins, wild weathers and of course the northern lights (due to its location within the arctic circle). Many renowned photographers had led photo tours at the islands, and we (mainly he) were mesmerised by the gorgeous pictures captured. Enthralled by the beauty of the islands, we HAD to visit! I must say that we had made the right choice in visiting Lofoten Islands. The scenery was mind-blowing. The weather equally so. It was definitely the most scenic out of all the places we had visited during our honeymoon. We recommend to stay here for a few nights so that you have ample time to soak in the beauty it offers.

Due to the (relative) lack of public transport at the Lofoten Islands (there are public buses that runs along the main roads of the Lofoten Islands at regular intervals), we rented a car to get our way around (We got the car from Avis as we could pre-book the car through the website, but the husband said that there were actually much cheaper local options if you are okay to drive older / manual transmission cars).

While we were making our way back to our hotel on the first night here, we caught a glimpse of an impressive lake (we later learnt that its name is Lake Gardsosen).  Husband made a mental note to revisit the lake the following day.

Sunrise at Lake Gardsosen near Svolvaer
How we wish we could wake up to a view like this every morning

The husband made us go to bed early the night before, and forced nudged us awake at 4.30am to catch the sunrise at Svolvaer (5 mins drive from our hotel). I didn’t curse or complain out loud, but there is a tinge of annoyance evident on my face in the picture above. A girl needs her beauty sleep. But, all was forgotten when I saw the golden sun rays piercing through the thick clouds, lighting up the landscape. I was glad that I was roused from bed. All misgivings dissipated. It was then, I was more convinced than ever that Lofoten Islands is one of the most magnificent place I’ve ever visited. And, I still love my husband. As words could never fully do justice to the awesome scenery, we shall let the photos speak for themselves.

The husband did the research earlier and found a nice photo-spot near the Shell gas station in Svolvaer
Sunrise at Svolvaer. My heart nearly stopped beating as I couldn’t believe how stunningly beautiful a place could be.

After returning to the hotel for breakfast, we set off for the Lofoten Cathedral, also known as the Vagan Church at a small town called Kabelvåg.  Seating about 1200 people, this church is the largest wooden building in Northern Norway (north of Trondheim).

Lofoten Cathedral at Kabelvåg


The Lofoten Islands is also famous for its scenic beaches. The most famous of them all is the Unstad beach due to its popularity with surfers.  We didn’t see any surfers that day though, probably due to the cold and windy weather.

Unstad Beach. My legs become jelly when I see my crush.
Lonely cabin set against the mountains near Unstad beach

Speaking about the weather at Lofoten Islands, this is where we experienced the unpredictability of mother nature first hand.  While the pictures captured by the husband/of us look calm and cheery, many times they were captured right before the onslaught of blizzard/snow/strong winds. The snow was the size of Solero shots, this icy lime popsicles in balls which I used to adore when I was young. Other times, we had to drive through rain, snow and ice to reach our destination.  Even if we did see the clear skies, it was usually a short 5 to 10 minute window before the storm clouds descended and our faces pelted with snow again. Despite that, it was really our first full-fledged winter experience.  Hopefully we can go back during summer in the future when the weather is milder to witness the midnight sun.

We headed out to another famous (and more accessible) beach – Uttakliev Beach.  We weren’t as lucky this time, as it was drizzling the whole time we were there.

Uttakleiv Beach
Stones arranged into a ❤

After a tiring day, we headed back to our hotel (called Hagstua) near the town of Leknes. Heavy snow began to rain down from the skies, accompanied by howling winds just as we reached within the safe confinements of our cabin, retreated for an early night.


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